Pay Per Click

Social Media technology has enabled numerous organization to successfully create and enhance their brands.

Pay Per Click
Paid search Marketing or PPC (Pay Per Click) has the ability to drive highly relevant traffic to your online Business, will help you to bring more leads, increase sales and generate ROI.

At Athexon, we analyse your online business and selecting the keywords relevant to your business, it's feasible to organise your campaign to increase its production. PPC management helps you to only focus the kind of the traffic you're searching. We track every point of your campaign; we will optimise key elements to improve Return on Investment.

Keyword Research & Grouping
Getting the suitable group of keywords and targeting carefully.

Demographic Targeting
Focusing exact your business area, with help of Gender, Age limit, location, placements and Interests.

Create Multiple Ads and Landing Pages
Creating and optimizing landing pages to increase the Quality Score. Developing display ads and approaching relevant sites to place them.

Monitor CTR & Conversion
The status of a campaign is always based on the Click through Rate and conversion rate. Once audience search term relevant to your Business and services and grabs their attention.

Report & Optimize
We report on a basis of a Weekly and monthly. Important areas in campaign will be known from campaigns based on clicks and conversations.

Advantage of PPC Marketing

Budget-friendly  |   Targeted Traffic  |   More inclined to buy  |   Very flexible marketing  |   Very beneficial for local businesses  |   Instant set up

Athexon Digital Marketing Services includes: